Monday, August 27, 2007

Awful weekend

The stupid humans ruined my entire weekend.
They were redoing the living room. So they had put new drywall up on the ceiling. Saturday they started sanding to make it smooth or something.
SO there's dust all over the house, and my fluffy coat. Everywhere.
Then they moved all the furniture to the middle of the room. So nothing was where it's supposed to be. Ray flopped right in the path so it was hard to get by. AND I couldn't get in the window all weekend, because the sofa wasn't there to jump up in.
Then, like all that wasn't bad enough, I got paint on my coat.
Something has to be done about this. Sashaville is not running as smoothly as I'd like it to.
Clearly it's time for me to put my paw down.
Sasha, with Bungalow Gold highlights.

Monday, August 20, 2007

I've also been busy

Dogs 064
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I've also been very busy keeping an eye on my biscuits. Those other dogs are always trying to get 'em. You can't be too careful, you know.
Oh, so listen to this. Saturday a bunch of humans from DVSHR, Mapaw, and HTHNBR came over. There were BOXES and BOXES of treats. TONS of treats. All those boxes that have come to the house for weeks and weeks came out. Woohoo, I thought. FINALLY we get the treats.
Nope. All the treats went into bags and baskets for the hike. Big bags of peanut butter biscuits, chicken jerky, sample bags of treats, even YUMMY CHUMMIES!! What did I get? One louse peanut butter and molassas biscuit that was floating around loose, that I had to share with stupid Isis. I mean there was a ton of stuff. They made like 20 baskets to raffle off, with tons of cool stuff, and a zillion goodie bags for hikers. They couldn't spare 10-20 bags of treats for me??
Then they ate dinner, and I did my best to mooch meatballs. No luck there either.
Clearly paybacks are necessary. Any suggestions?

Sorry, I'm back

Dogs 014
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Sorry everyone. I know I was quiet for a while.
The stupid humans have been busy planning the hike and have been hoarding the computer. Quite frankly, I'm sick of it.
Speaking of the hike, I checked out the hike trail.
Here's Isis, Blue and I practicing.
I am still collecting pledges, so if you can spare a couple dollars, I'd appreciate it. You can send via paypal, or mail to
PO Box 21202
Phila, PA 19114

The Paypal link is right there at the top left of my blog.
Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Well, I can't believe it

I was nosing through the human mom's email, and LOOK what I found.
First, they're there, eating that nice cake.

Then, there's a pic of them onstage, laughing it up. Note Meeshka's human up there too.

Finally, oh, look, let's pose with the musher. Again, my human and Meeshka's.

Could they rub it in our faces any more??

Those humans are gonna get it.

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OK, time to put my paw down. Meeshka's human woman stopped by Saturday (without Meeshka, of course) She came with some other human guy, who apparently does that rescue stuff. They pet us a little, bribed us with cheese to not claw them for leaving us (didn't work) then off they went to meet Karen Ramstead.
Here they are, having fun, not caring at all that we're stuck at home. These are a bunch of the rescue people. There's Meeshka's human woman in yellow, and my human dad is next to her. Karen Ramstead is sitting down, in black. My human woman is on the right, leaning over. And, take note, there's a dog there. So it's not like dogs weren't allowed. Apparently just Meeskha and I weren't allowed.
Obviously this will not go unpunished. Meeshka, we have to talk.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

It just gets worse

So, apparently, not only are they leaving ME behind,but I just found out that Meeshka's human is coming over here to go to the Karen thing with my humans. And, yep, you guessed it, Meeshka's not coming either.
So Meeshka's human woman is coming here, without Meeshka, then all the humans head off to do something cool, without any of us.
Obviously, Meeshka and I will have to discuss what we're going to do about this. We can't let them get away with this kind of behavior.
I swear, sometimes these humans are more trouble than they're worth.
Sasha, sharpening the claw

Friday, August 3, 2007

This'll be a lousy weekend

So I heard the humans talking. They're going somewhere to hear Karen Ramstead talk, and they're not taking us! Karen runs the Iditarod with a team of purebred Siberian Huskies, yet, the Siberian Husky here is being left behind. I was hoping she'd take us and I could convince Karen to take me home. It's much cooler where she lives, and maybe I'd get to ride in the sled. Obviously I'm not actually going to pull a sled, geez. Apparently, since the humans won't be around, this means I won't be able to do anything cool this weekend, like go to the dog park, or blog, or anything.
So I thought I'd take this time to remind you of the hike and to ask again for your support. If you could swipe the credit cards (I know you just did this for Meeshka) and pledge even a little bit towards my hike, I can get a goodie bag full of the cool stuff in the boxes downstairs they won't let us near. You can pledge via paypal or you can send a check to
PO Box 21202
Philadelphia, PA 19114
The money, sadly, does not go to me. It goes to foster dogs in the rescue. I guess that's a good cause too.
So please click the button below if you can help, even with a little bit.

And by the way, if you want me to link to your blog, and I haven't already, remind me to, please. I tried to list everyone, but I know I forgot some people.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Those were the days....

It's never going to be cold again. It's been 5000 degrees here forever.
I hate the heat. My fluffy coat isn't made for the heat. I don't know why these humans don't just realize that and bring me to Alaska where I belong.
Ah, the good old days....