Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stupid Superdog treats

Ray has been creaky lately. He's the blind dog who I let live in Sashaville. The humans say he has arthritis. He creaks getting up, and is slow on the stairs. When we would go for walks, he'd lag behind Isis and I.
He's been getting a supplement for it, which is great, because we all get liverwurst. It's the only thing he'll take the supplement in (way to go, Ray)
Well, lately the supplement hasn't seemed to work as well. So the humans heard about Super Dog treats. They are a sponsor of Karen Ramstead and her dogs on the Iditarod.
So the stupid humans tried them. Now, Ray's an idiot. He runs around, bangs into me all the time, gets in the way. He now keeps up with us on walks, and gets all tangled up in our leashes. He even tried to MOUNT me the other day. Apparently eating Super dog treats also gives one a death wish. I let him go with a good snarl, but he won't get away with that for long, even if he is almost 11, and blind, and creaky.
I'm keeping an eye out for the next box of Superdog treats, and I'm gonna shred them.
Sasha, the only Superdog around here

Monday, January 21, 2008


As you may remember, we were on our way to the dog park when Isis ruined it with that ridiculous fat ear situation.
THEN we couldn't go because her ear had to heal. Well, FINALLY, it was healed enough to go to the dog park.
We went yesterday! It was nice and cold and great dog park weather. Isis had fun with some yappy beagle. I met a cool Akita/Sibe/GSD mix and a Rhodesian Ridgeback.
When the yappy beagle owner was leaving, I snuck past the first gate, and almost made it out, but the humans caught me and dragged me back in.
Hopefully since fat Isis is on a diet, we'll go to the dog park more so she can run off the flab.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blogger business

Tristin and Quincy's humans have a new business. They make personalized clocks, and they can put your photo on it. Really, what else would you want to look at on a clock but a beautiful dog face (or hamsterberian, or cat)? Check it out here! And spread the word. The more clocks they sell, the more treats for our friends Quincy and Tristin.
On another note, I heard something from the humans that while Isis's ear is still stupid looking and bent, it is apparently healing well enough to go to the dog park soon. I'll keep you posted on the situation, and post a picture of her dumb looking bald, floppy ear.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New yard!

Apparently we're getting a new backyard. Really, it's about time. The OLD backyard was all muddy, and I do hate to dirty my paws. So they have finally decided to do something about it. They said it's all done, and looks nice, but we can't see it yet. Something about having to seal it (why we need seals in our new backyard is beyond me) and the seals can't come for a couple weeks. So until then, no dog pee in the yard.
SO this is good and bad news. The good news is they have to walk us a lot. We've never gotten so many walks. The old guy Ray is getting a little tired out, I think. But Isis is really chunking up, and could use some walks. I don't, of course, need to lose a pound, but I enjoy a good stroll. The bad news is when they don't walk us, we have to go out on the deck which is covered with plastic so our pee doesn't get on the new yard. The plastic is slippery and yucky and wet. I'm not happy about that at all.
I think the humans should just stay home from work and walk us whenever we want until we can use the backyard. But they don't seem to care what I think, since they're both at work now. Sigh.
Sasha, pouting.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

New blog!!

There's a new dog blog in town. Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue, based in PA, is now blogging about their rescue happenings. I almost got a brother from them, before the blind dog joined us all those years ago.
I offered to help them with their blog, hoping the humans will let me use the computer for that and I can sneak here and blog more (and go treat shopping).
So everyone please stop by and say hello to DVSHR!
And please feel free to link to DVSHR's blog in yours, and they'll do the same.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Isis's adventure

I promised to tell you what Isis did the other week.
The Saturday before Christmas the humans put Isis and I in the car. We had to stop by the human dad's work, then we were going to the dog park! So we're at his work, wandering around, sniffing stuff. Suddenly, look at Isis's ear! It's all puffy, like she stuck a golf ball in it. The human mom immediately freaks and shows the human dad. They called our vet, who was closing, so we had to go to the ER vet. No dog park for us. Fantastic.
So we go to the ER with its slippery floor which I don't like ONE BIT. I like it even less when it's me getting checked out by the vet.
Turns out Isis has an aural hematoma, which is apparently an ear lump. The humans could either 1) have surgery to lance it, and it shouldn't come back. 2) have them stick a needle in and aspirate it, and it sometimes comes back or 3) do nothing and hope it goes away and doesn't come back. Option 1 sounded best to them, I guess. They didn't ask me, but I think they could've bought me a LOT of treats with what the surgery cost. Anyway, we left her there for a couple hours, and she came out looking really stupid. Her ear was totally shaved except a couple hairs at the top, her leg was shaved around in the middle, and she had a big collar on. Plus she just got pain medicine so she was dopier than usual.
Here is a picture of her in the car riding home.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Stupid humans and their stupid computers

I'm still around. The human mom's computer is in the shop (for the THIRD time in a month) so I haven't gotten to blog much. I am stealing the human dad's computer.
I'll update everyone on the holidays later. Isis ruined our dog park visit right before Christmas, the moron. I have pictures.
But look at what the stupid humans have been up to. This is the OTHER reason I haven't gotten near a computer. When it wasn't in the shop, she was here, on this site, listing books:

Now, you know I like nibbling on the occasional novel, so I never complain about a fresh supply, but really, we have a TON of books, and I need to blog.
Apparently, you can list books you want to get rid of (paperback, hardback, even audio books, and since Ray has been known to eat cassettes, we don't need them here) You can also get books from people, that they want to get rid of, for free!
If you use that link to sign up my human will get referral points.
So that's it for now.
I will post soon about the Isis saga, the moron.