Monday, October 15, 2007

Dog park

Yesterday we went to a new dog park with a bunch of dogs and volunteers from Mapaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral, who my humans apparently are volunteering with now. It's called Dog Town, in Colmar. It was inside, on fake grass. We were even allowed to pee inside and we didn't get yelled at!
Lots of Sibes were there, plus one Newfie, Ananya. My humans, of course, forgot their camera, but the Kapp Pack's well-trained humans brought theirs, so go check out the pictures.
And just for the record, apparently even though my humans are volunteering with a rescue again, they'll still have time to take me to obedience class. Sigh.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

An exciting night!

Isis may have to apply for HULA (though she's not as good as me, of course)
Around 3 am, Isis started running around the bedroom worriedly. I, naturally, was asleep in the bathroom, so some of this was told to me by Isis. She woke the humans up. They smelled poo, but didn't see any anywhere. Isis continued to look worried, and ran down the stairs. I wanted to see what was going on, so I headed down too. They let us out, and we ran out, peed, and sniffed around a bit. What fun! A 3 am pee and sniff, and the humans were all tired. Before too long they dragged us back in.
Up we go, I go back to the bathroom, Isis, the suckup, follows them back into the bedroom, where they STILL smell poo. After more careful investigation, they find a large, soft poo in the human mom's closet, on some of her shoes-including a brand new pair she hadn't even worn yet!!
A triumphant night for HULA.
Now, this isn't without sacrifices. Because she had soft poo, I heard them discussing not letting us have any treats today. Sigh. Every silver lining has a cloud.
But, there was talk of a dog park visit this weekend. A new, INDOOR one, so even if it rains, we can go. Rumor has it quite a few huskies may be going, so that should be exciting. I'll be sure to remind the humans to bring their camera and get some pictures.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ray came in handy

Dogs 027
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Yesterday was Ray's 10th birthday. Clearly this isn't that important, as it wasn't MY birthday, except for one thing.
On our birthdays the humans get us cheeseburgers for dinner.
Now, sure, we should get cheeseburgers every day for dinner, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So, three times a year, on Feb. 8 (the fat dog's birthday), April 8 (MY birthday) and October 8 (the no-eyed dog's birthday) we get cheeseburgers.
So Happy Birthday Ray. Hope you have lots more, so I can have more cheeseburgers.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Good thing I eavesdrop, or I wouldn't know anything.
So the humans were talking the other day, something about taking a "rescue break" and since they'd have so much free time, they want to take Isis and I to...gulp....OBEDIENCE CLASS. Are they insane? Obedience??? Like, be obedient?
Clearly they've taken leave of their senses. Cause unless this means they learn to be more obedient to me, we're gonna have trouble.