Friday, September 28, 2007

How to keep your humans busy

OK, the humans were busy on this website for a while the other day. Now, sure, that meant I couldn't blog.
But it also meant I could steal a bag of potato chips off the table and not get caught. They had no idea what we were doing, they were too busy taking this stupid music quiz.
So pass the word along (be sure to blog first, as you may not get the computer for a while)

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sorry everyone

My human has HOGGED the stupid computer, and I've also been very busy.
I'm sorry I haven't posted as much as I should have.
I'll give a quick update.
They left me home the day of the hike. Apparently they had a lot to do, and I would've gotten in the way. Hmph, I say.
So I got back at them yesterday.
I dug a HUGE hole in the yard, down to the cable wires, then came in acting weird, circling, and acting goofy. The humans thought they'd have to take me to the ER, and were getting ready to. Then I acted fine. So they worried and worried. Then after I acted normal for a few hours, they took Isis and I to the dog park, and then went walking on South Street!
SO if you want to go to the dog park, act weird and get 'em all worried. They'll be so happy you're OK, you'll go to the dog park, and hopefully get some root beer water ice after!